Monika Monika is a New York City interdisciplinary artist that makes work about the morality and power of a sexualized woman. Monika was born in Louisville Kentucky and moved to Texas at a young age where she spent her high school years. She achieved her BFA in 2015 at Texas State University and created artwork that discussed sexual assault on collage campuses and the male ego. After moving to NYC she enrolled in SVA for one year, dropped out, and got picked up by Pratt university where she is currently finishing out her MFA. Her current work is inspired by the stigma on sex workers and influenced by strip club culture. Monika is apart of Stigma Unbound, a performance collective for sex workers and allies.

Monika’s artwork has been the subjects of many debates about morality of sexual expression and has been discussed/interviewed in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Artnews, and Huffington Post. 

Monika has worked with many collectives, organizations and institutions to support safe sex work. These included, C.U.N.T Collective, Museum of Sex, Pratt Institute, VOW Collective, SOAR Organization, and Stigma Unbound.