Monika Monika

Self-titled solo exhibition by Monika Monika 

Steuben Gallery 

200 Willoughby Av, Brooklyn, NY 11205

April 1-5, 2019

Brooklyn NY — Pratt Institute's MFA department will present a solo exhibition of works by Monika Monika (b. 1992), a young female artist whose work shows personal narrative of her experiences as sex worker. This will be her first ever solo show in New York City. The exhibition will be on view from April 1 through April 5, 2019.

Monika Monika’s Statement 

I recall intimate encounters and emulate the impressions of my experience as a stripper and sex worker. My customers, that I am deeply fascinated by, have become my muses. As an artist I create work to enchant the audience with my fantasy, while my performative role is to portray theirs. 


Monika Monika is a multimedia artist working in performance, sculpture, video and panting. She paints the memories of her customers with bright colors and absorbing skin tones. She meticulously renders the parts that are most engraved in her mind while loosely configures the parts that she has forgotten. Monika’s painting style is inspired by fauvism and has been defined by her peers as, showing the mundane details of sex work through the perception of the sex worker. Her absurd yet appealing sculptures show a physical manifestation of the self. Monika’s sculptural materials are objects she uses as a sex worker; stripper clothing, sex toys, silicone, make up and various personal items. These abstract sculptures are physical representations of the contradicting view our society has towards sex workers; one of the most under-appreciated profession in America, yet highly desired. Monika’s large Instillation in her solo exhibition is inspired by the many Peep Shows that were in Midtown in the late 20th century. Red lights, Red velvet, and individual peep booths are all present to show homage to the history of sex work in New York City. 

Monika Monika, 2019 


36x 40 Inches 

Told The Wife Im Fishing, 2019 

Oil on Canvas

18x12 Inches 

(located in entry way) 

Joe Luv, 2019 

Oil on Canvas

36x24 Inches

(located on right wall)

Heavens Hole, 2019 

Oil on Canvas

24x40 Inches 

(located on left wall)

Please Please Drink My Champagne,2018

Oil on Canvas

24x36 Inches 

(located on far left wall)

Material Girl, 2019

Digital Video Performance Documentation


I Broke a Nail, Welcome To Hell, 2019 

Polyfill, Foam, Latex, Stockings, Silicone, Synthetic Hair, Polyester. Mylar, Wood, Led Lighting, Mirror


About Monika Monika 

Monika Monika is a New York City based interdisciplinary artist that makes work about the morality and power of a sexualized woman. Monika was born in Louisville Kentucky and moved with her family to Texas at a young age. She achieved her BFA in 2015 at Texas State University, where she created work that discussed sexual assault on collage campus and the male ego. After moving to NYC, she enrolled in SVA’s MFA department, only to drop out after one year, and got picked up by Pratt Institute where she is finishing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies.  


Monika Monika is a coproducer of a non-profit art organization called Stigma Unbound. Founded in 2017, Stigma Unbound is an art collective based in Brooklyn, New York, that was organized to create a platform, provide resources, and build a safe communal space for the artistic expression of sex workers. The collective works intersectionality with people of color, queer, trans, gender non-conforming people and their allies to produce events where sex workers can lead the discussion. Together they have worked with organizations such as; Museum of Sex, Lysistrata, GLITZ, and SWOP. 


Monika Monika has been internationally published by many art critics and journalist for her performance pieces, artworks, and activism. Some publications include; Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glasstire, ARTnews, The Howard Stern Radio, etc. 


Monika Monika has been given the Martin E. and Elizabeth Walling Turner Endowed Scholarship in 2015.